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JUST LAUNCHED! 4 New Korean Treatments At Isaac Luxe | Dr. Geetali Mittal Gupta

JUST LAUNCHED! 4 New Korean Treatments At Isaac Luxe

Hello everyone! If you have been following me on Instagram, you’d know that I recently spent some time training in South Korea. K-Beauty and Korean skincare routines and treatments are a worldwide phenomenon and I’m happy to share that I’ve launched 4 NEW TREATMENTS exclusively at ISAAC Luxe, Vasant Vihar.

GG Glow: Permanent BB Cream

K-Beauty is big on glow, and it’s something we all want every day of the year. The glass glow treatment more commonly known as the BB glow treatment is slowly gaining popularity across the globe. Age, UV rays and exposure to pollution can impact the health and look of our skin. You can now revive it with this pain-free lunchtime treatment at @isaacluxe.

How GG Treatment Works

1. Before anything, we first double cleanse your skin.

2. After this, we apply an ampoule customised your skin type and concern. This could include hydration, anti-ageing or someone with acne-prone skin.

3. Now it’s the time to choose the pigment that matches your natural skin tone and infuse it with microneedles. You may feel small pricks on your skin but there is no pain whatsoever.

4. Once the pigment is infused, we end the treatment with an LED photo facial to calm and soothe your skin.

Sessions: 1 session every week in a period of 30-40 days. After this, you can 1-2 treatments for maintenance. The effects can last between 6-12 months.

Immediate Changes:
1. Fewer freckles
2. Brighter more radiant skin
3. Even skin tone
4. Fewer fine lines and wrinkles

Get That Dewy Skin With Our Water Shine Glow Treatment

One of the biggest and most obvious causes of your skin looking dull and tired is dehydration. In fact, lack of hydration often slows down your body’s production of collagen that often leads to signs of ageing. If you’ve always craved for that dewy skin, you should learn more about Water Shine Glow. An exclusive treatment at Isaac Luxe, we gently inject hyaluronic acid to your face with the help of a mesogun. Since this helps retains moisture, the water shine glow treatment is suitable anyone wants to enjoy a natural glow and shine without using any makeup. Since it’s more superficial than a filler, it can be done as often as twice a month. The best part? It can be combined with our GG glow treatment.

How Water Shine Glow Treatment Works

Short on time and high on results, the Water Shine Glow gives you immediate results in the first sitting. Here is everything you need to know about the treatment: Treatment: 1. After your face is cleansed and prepped, your doc will use a mesogun, a handheld device with tiny needles to infuse hyaluronic acid on parts of your face. You may feel a little prick but you will not feel pain nonetheless.

2. The treatment will end with a face mask to soothe and calm your skin.

Sessions: Twice a month

Immediate Changes:
Skin Tone Improvement
Fine Wrinkle Improvement

Make Most Of Our Anti Pollution Black Therapy Facial

The cons of living the city life would have to be the damage inflicted on your skin by dirt and pollution. If you’re looking for a cleanup, try our signature black therapy facial. Our signature black Therapy uses natural black magnetite to remove fine dust and heavy metal from pores. Not only does it deep clean your skin but unclogs pores and increases skin elasticity. The facial also makes most of bell therapy for lymphatic drainage.
Sessions: Once a month

Immediate Changes:
1. Improve Blood Circulation
2. Deep Cleaning
3. Elasticity
4. Lymphatic Drainage

Gold Therapy

Making most of the 24K carat gold foil, Korean Gold Therapy focusses on anti-ageing as well as the elimination of excess secretion, melanin and lymphatic fluid. Using gold on your face also gives your face a natural lift as well.

Immediate Changes:
1. Waste Elimination & Detoxing
2. Lymphatic Drainage
3. Anti-ageing

If you have any questions, drop me a line below!

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