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How to Treat Dandruff

Are you wondering how to get rid of pesky white flakes? Here are some tips and tricks to treat dandruff and get a healthy, happy scalp.

Dandruff can be a nuisance—no matter what we do to get rid of those annoying white flakes, they keep returning. While it is a very common condition, it can be frustrating and embarrassing. After all, who wants to see their clothes covered with flaky bits of their scalp? Thankfully, with a little effort and the right hair care products, you can tackle this issue and get a healthy and happy scalp. I have rounded up my top tips and tricks to effectively treat dandruff and keep it from returning.

Wash your hair frequently

Wash your hair

It is a common misconception that repeatedly washing your hair or applying heat to dry it can cause dandruff. The opposite is true; you must wash your hair frequently, especially if you use dry shampoo, leave-in conditioners, or other styling products, as product accumulation often causes dandruff. But how often should you wash your hair? If you have mild dandruff, I recommend washing your hair every other day. But, if you don’t use a lot of styling products, you can get away with washing your hair less frequently.

Pick the right shampoo


 Adding an anti-dandruff shampoo to your hair care routine is one of the best ways to treat dandruff. But the market is flooded with anti-dandruff products. So how can you find a product that removes the white flakes without aggravating your scalp further? Look for shampoos that contain ingredients like tar, zinc pyrithione, or selenium sulfide. You can also use a tea tree oil shampoo. Due to its antibacterial qualities, it is a fantastic way to treat dandruff. Another tip is to apply the shampoo to the scalp before you jump into the shower. As the product needs to have contact time with your scalp in order to work, this enhances the results.

Exfoliate your scalp

Nourish your scalp

Regularly exfoliating your scalp is an excellent way to treat dandruff. Using a scalp scrub gives your scalp a deeper cleanse by getting rid of sweat, product buildup, dandruff, and any other residue that might persist there and stop your hair from growing. Depending on how much oil or buildup your scalp tends to develop, I would recommend investing in a gentle scalp scrub and using it once a week.

Massage your scalp

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We all know how relaxing scalp massages are. But did you know that they can also treat dandruff? Scalp massages regulate sebum production and boost circulation to the scalp. Massaging your scalp can also help in removing scalp buildup. Adding nourishing oils to your hair care routine and regularly massaging your scalp with them is another great way to treat dandruff. I recommend using green tea extract, rosemary oil, coconut oil, and lavender oil because these have excellent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties and can help keep dandruff at bay.

Nourish your scalp

If you want to get rid of these pesky white flakes, nourishing your scalp is crucial. Your scalp might get dry and develop dandruff due to factors such as dry air (particularly in the winter), excessive washing, skin diseases like eczema, and excessive heat styling. You must nourish your scalp adequately if you want to prevent this. I recommend using hydrating hair masks and light hair oils to nourish your scalp and treat dandruff.

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